Frequently Asked Questions

The application is sent to the development Control & Physical Planning Unit    where it is then circulated to internal departments for review. The internal reviews are done to ensure conformance, adequate provision for on and off street parking, on and off site storm water management, and building setbacks.

7.7m from the property boundary along the main road.

6.1m from the property boundary along the parochial and reserved roads and right- of-way.

 Setbacks are measured from the registered property boundary to the eave of the building.            

The NWA is a statutory Agency within the approval process. The purview of this Agency is to comment on parking, building setbacks from roadways and drains,  storm water drainage and vehicular ingress/egress.  This is to ensure that the application is in accordance with law, safety and minimum planning requirements.

You may also contact the National Works Agency at the following e-mail address: