Planning Applications

Ferris to Belmont Road

The National Works Agency (NWA) became an Executive Agency on April 1, 2001 and assumed the responsibilities of the defunct Public Works Department (PWD). As an agency under the Ministry of Transport & Works (MTW) it is mandated to plan, build and maintain a reliable, safe and efficient main road network and flood control system which:

  • Protects life and property
  • Supports the movement of people, goods and services
  • Reduces the cost of transport
  • Promotes economic growth and quality of life
  • Protects the environment

Through its mandate, the agency is committed to:

  • Facilitating the construction and maintenance of roadways to world class standards and ensure that all new roads are constructed satisfactorily meeting the agency’s minimum standard and complement the national road network.
  • Safeguard the integrity of the main road network to facilitate the movement of people, goods and service.
  • Improve access to towns and communities; thereby facilitating economic development throughout the country.
  • Dedicating resources to improving road building and flood control systems that will reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Legal Framework

  • The operation and involvement of the NWA in the approval process is guided by the following Acts and Regulations:
  • The Town & Country Planning Act
  • The Local Improvement Act
  • The Main Roads Act
  • The Road Traffic Act
  • The Executive Agency Act
  • The Roads Protection Act
  • The Advertisement Regulation
  • The Flood Control Act

Role of the National Works Agency in the Approval Process

As a stakeholder and facilitator in national development, the NWA’s input to the approval process is fundamental and compliments the actions of all agencies involved in decision making at the national, regional and local level. As ward of the island’s main road network, flood control system and other support structures such as bridges, traffic signals, road signs etc, the agency offers guidelines on the following:

  • Design and location of ingress/egress points to allow safe entry and exit of vehicles from properties onto roadways.
  • Setback of buildings from road property boundaries to ensure proper establishment building lines, uniformity in the streetscape, attenuation of noise and emission from vehicles, provision for future road widening, geometric improvement of road ways and provision of adequate space for underground/overhead utilities and other civil works.
  • Adequate provision of on and/or
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