Glossary of Terms

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Tack Coat Emulsion or cut-back used to stabilize the base course. A layer which provides a bond between existing bitumen or concrete surface and a new premixed asphalt layer put on top.  
Tender Construction or other works that are put up for bidding so as to arrive at a suitable or reasonable cost. An offer by the Contractor to construct the works completely and to maintain them in conformity with the Conditions of Contract, Specification and Bill of Quantities for a stated sum or such other sum as may be determined in the manner described in the documents.  
Tertiary Roads - Class C Roads Road of local importance – allow communications and link within or between districts. Traffic volumes of less than 1000 vehicles per day.
Traffic Vehicular and pedestrian users of the roadway.
Traffic Control Devices The method used to advise road users of the detailed requirements or conditions affecting road use at specific places and times. It also indicates the proper action to be taken to avoid accidents and delays. It guides motorists who are unfamiliar with the locality; and it is also a reminder to regular road users of a given route.
Traffic Furniture All signs, traffic controls, white lining, guard rails, marker posts and mile posts are included.
Type of Traffic Control Devices Electronic Signals – Traffic Lights
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