Glossary of Terms

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Capacity The ability of a culvert or drain to carry the volume of water for which it was intended, quickly and efficiently
Cat Eyes A device placed on the carriageway that serves as a reflectorizing safety feature.
Catch Basin A drainage structure which captures water from side drains and directs it to culverts.
Catchment Basin An area that is a repository to receive and channel water.
Cause of Distortions Insufficient compaction of the base or sub-base courses, too many in surface mixtures, too much asphalt, settlement or swelling of under laying course, inadequate pavement strength for the weights of vehicles using the road.
CBR - California Bearing Ratio A test which is widely used to determine the suitability of a material for use in road construction.
Cement A rapid hardening material. The most common type is Portland Cement
Claims Part of a contractor’s submission for additional payment
Cleaning Culverts / Basins Rodding out debris, silt and other blockages from inside.
Clerk of Works The engineer’s representative on work sites.
Communication Officer The person or individual, operating from within the Corporate office, who provides a direct link between customers and the Agency and carries out other PR activities.
Community Relations Officer An officer with responsibility for PR activity, collection and dissemination of information and dealing with our internal and external publics within a region.
Compaction The process of bringing soils to a dense state by blows, by passage of a roller or by some other form of loading.
Concrete A mixture of cement (normally Portland), aggregate (coarse and fine) and water. A material used extensively in highway maintenance work. It is a mixture of gravel, sand, cement and water in certain proportions.
Construction Any civil works
Consultant A specialist consulted for professional advice which is in writing.
Contract A document outlining details, giving instructions, rules for implementation, specifications, drawing conditions, etc., carried out for the Agency. A service or item provided for by and provided for by an outside agent, which is in writing.
Contract Manager or Site Agent Contractor’s representative on a project. Sees to it that drains constructed are at suitable elevation to allow free flow.
Contractor An individual, group, or company awarded a tender to carry out works, or implement projects and programmes.
Control Section Division of road lengths into control sections for work control purposes. A Control Section is about 6 – 7 miles long and is identified by terminal points at each end. Each control section is totally within the administrative boundaries of a parish.
Correective Maintenance Work done when preventative maintenance can no longer fulfill its purpose or when emergency repair work is necessary.
Corrosion Damage to steel by the combination of water, air and salt.
Corrugations & Shoving Forms of plastic movements. Corrugations are typified by ripples across the asphalt pavement surface. Shoving results in local bulging of the pavement surface.
Cracks An opening in the pavement.
Crash Barriers Guard rails to control traffic.
Culvert A tube or box which carries water under a road.
Cutouts The channel that is constructed to convey water under the road culverts.
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