Glossary of Terms

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Parapet A wall or rail along the edge of a bridge, retaining wall. What is built on top of a retaining wall.  
Parish An area confined to set boundaries for control and administration.
Patching Cleaning out, trimming and squaring of small areas of damaged surface such as potholes and other surface hazards.
Pavement and Surface The part of the highway on which traffic flows.
Pavement Distortion Any change of the pavement surface from its original shape.
Pavement Width The distance from edge to edge of the carriage way, not including the shoulders or side draws
Paver Machine that lays the mix on the pavement.
Pedestrian Crossing An area on the roadway that is marked to allow pedestrians to safely cross the road.
Periodic Maintenance (Preventative Maintenance) This is carried out periodically, usually at intervals of a number of years. The main item in this category is resurfacing of the pavement. (Regravelling, resealing or overlapping).
PM Parish Manager
Polished Aggregate Theses are aggregate particles in the surface of a pavement that have been polished smooth. They can be naturally smooth uncrushed gravels or crushed rock which wears quickly under traffic.
Ponding Settling of water on the pavement.
Pot Hole These are bowl shaped holes of varying sizes in the pavement surface, the result of localized disintegration. Pothole is caused by a weakness in the pavement, resulting from too little asphalt, or too thin an asphalt surface, poor drainage, too many or too few fines.
Premix Asphalt The asphalt wearing course used as a base course or for surfacing.
Preventative Maintenance Includes works done to arrest deterioration.
Prime Coat Emulsion that is applied before applying bitumen (asphalt). Bonding agent for base material and pavement to be put in place.
Proctor Test A soil test used to determine the degree of compaction.
Programme A Plan of action.
Project An undertaking.
Public Relations This is what is done to properly inform various publics about what is being done on a project.
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