Glossary of Terms

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Main Road Roads that come under the ambit or supervision of the NWA.
Main Road Law The law which guides and determines what is regarded as the main road and all the relative subjects.
Maintenance Programme It is the type and amount of works which are estimated to be required to provide the desired level of service with consistency and uniformity.
Maintenance Work Item The name given to a job or group of associated jobs that may be repeated a sufficient number of times per year to make it important to identify it or them. E.g. patching with maintenance mix cleaning of culverts.
Manager An individual with responsibility for activities with a designated Parish or Department.
Manhole Any opening created along the roadway so that an area can be accessed for cleaning.
Markings Pedestrian crossings, road centre line, lane lines, stop line, etc.
Marl Weathered limestone used in the construction of the base of roadways.
Maximum Gradient This is the steepest slope, which a vehicle should be made to climb on an improved road, depending on the classification of this road. Slow moving vehicles tend to delay fast moving vehicles.
Mile Measure of length, approximately 1.609 km.
Mile Post Material placed upright to mark distance traveled.
Milling Taking off the slab of a pavement using a machine. Grinding of material on the road pavement to get rid of Alligator Cracks  
Minimum Horizontal Radius The smallest radius in feet to which a curve on an existing road should be improved.
Mix Materials that are put together for construction purposes.
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