Glossary of Terms

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Debris Rubbish or other solid waste. Any form of vegetation, bush, small trees, boulders lodged on the road pavement.
Deck Top of bridge superstructure.
Depressions Localized low areas of limited size which may or may not be accompanied by cracking.
Deteriorate Become worse or to get into a bad condition.
Deterioration of Road Combined effects of traffic and weather.
Directional Signs Shows places and distances
Director An executive who supervises a specific Department(s). Member of the managing board of the National Works Agency.
Directorate Department that has the job or responsibility of executing a particular function or set of functions within the Agency.
Disintegration It is the breaking up of the pavement into small loose fragments and the dislodging of aggregate particles.
Distress Failures found on a pavement.
Downstream The direction in which the river flows away from a bridge.
Drain Cleaning Cleaning of all silt and debris from side drains, parallel drains, etc.
Drainage This includes all side drains, culverts, subsoil drains, and natural or constructed water courses which are designed to take water away from the road pavement.
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