Glossary of Terms

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Backfill Soil which is placed in front of the abutment.
Backfilling The replacement of excavated material
Bailey Bridge A type of steel truss bridge which is designed for quick assembly.
Bases Material put on top of a sub-base.
Bill of Quantities The activities or items of work that are identified to be done in a contract. It is a detailed schedule of work which the Contractor is called upon to price.
Bleeding Asphalt This is the upward movement of asphalt in a pavement resulting in the formation of an asphalt film on the surface.
Blockage Any obstacle, whether it be landslip, tree, boulders, etc. that prevents free flow of traffic.
Break-away Any land slippage on the lower side of a roadway.
Breast Wall Walls constructed on the upper side of a road.
Brushing Cutting of grass and small bushes growing on the road banks, side drains and parallel drains. This includes gathering and carting away of all debris.
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