Glossary of Terms

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Rainfall The condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops. Atmospheric moisture falling as drops.
Raveling It is the progressive separation of aggregate in a pavement from the surface downwards or from the edges inwards.
Records Regular and informed progress reports, a factual picture of all aspects of work carried out on a site.
Region A grouping of parishes for administrative purposes. NWA comprises 4 regions (NER, C, W, KMR).
Regional Implementation The Department with overall responsibility for the operation of the Parish and Regional offices and the effective carrying out of their functions.
Rehabilitation Works which restore the elements of the road section so that they can provide their original function.
Rehabilitative Maintenance (Corrective Maintenance) This type of maintenance is carried out when a particular highway element has reached a stage where, despite rehabilitation, it does not fulfill the function for which it was originally intended. E.G. when the pavement is disturbed or has disintegrated to such an extent that reconstruction of sections is required to restore the pavement to proper strength and surface shape.
Reinstatement of Trenches (Public Utiity P.C. etc.) Making good settled or unfinished trenches.
Repairs Work carried out on damaged culverts, headwalls, retaining walls, bridge parapets, collapsed culverts, broken pipes, etc.
Report A written account of work carried out within a specific period.
Resealing Normally DSD (The process of water proofing the pavement surface).
Resident Engineer The employers’ representative who manages the implementation of a project.
Resurfacing Normally done with Asphaltic Concrete to increase strength and impermeability of the pavement.
Retaining Wall A wall constructed to hold back soil. Wall constructed at lower side of road to prevent slippage or breakaway.  
Right of Way The permission given for vehicular traffic to proceed.
Rip Raip A layer of loose rock which prevents a river bed from scouring.
River Bed The invert of a river.
River Training Works carried out on rivers / gully courses to prevent scouring or erosion of embankments. Engineering works provided on a river to direct and guide the river flow. This includes floods which change the configuration of the river bed, protect against erosion of the bed and banks of the river and regulate the river channel foe efficient transportation of the sediment load.  
Road Authority The Chief Executive Officer is the principal road authority on the island and has responsibility for the main road network.
Road Classification Method by which the type of road is decided or graded.
Road Design Specifications relating to pavement structure, slope curvature, width, etc.
Road Maintenance Management Achieving uniform and adequate levels of maintenance service to all roads under the control of NWA.
Road Traffic Law The law which guides and outlines the proper usage of the road by the public. It lays down definite conditions of road use to keep traffic flowing smoothly, reduce the chance of accidents and to safeguard the traveling public and pedestrians.
Roadside A portion of the highway between the edge of the pavement and the boundaries of private property along the highway.
Roadway The surface that is driven on.
Routine Maintenance (Preventative Maintenance) The day to day maintenance of the highway. It has to be carried out throughout the year, e.g. bushing, cleaning, grading of side drains and small repairs to pavement surface etc.
Rutting These are channelized depressions which may develop under the wheel tracks on the pavement.
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